photo by: Kimberly Hill

photo by: Kimberly Hill

Born in Panamá a long time ago, moved to Memphis and decided I wanted to be a famous chef one day, now I am just having fun capturing moments and creating memories for your loved ones.

I used to roam around the city looking at things, hitting my favorite restaurants, meeting lots of great people and taking pictures in the process. I realize I take photos to remember the places I’ve been, things I ate and people I meet but I wanted something more, I decided to capture the love, the smiles and the moments that make life worth living.

As a lifestyle photographer I want to capture the best of you in your session, being able to take time to get to know you. Tailoring each session to fit your style and make sure that every image shows the best of you.

You can always find me exploring the city I live in, taking photos for my blog, POINTnSHOOT Chronicles, looking for the best spots or just in one of the many awesome local restaurants spending time with my family.