Grind City Meet 3

Three years ago a man with a dream started a photo walk where it didn't matter if you were a professional photographer, an amateur videographer or a dude (or girl) with a camera you could come and experience a different side of Memphis. Johnny Meant (@johnnymeant) hosted the Grind City Meet up to bring like minded people together. During the first one I met a guy named Eric, a guy that was intimidated but at the same time he was very welcoming.


WEB-RAW, Eric Janssen, Roof Dad... those were some of the names I have heard people call him. Eric made an impact on a lot of people on that first meet and even after. Sadly we lost him too soon in a freak accident October 2017.


Eric was the kind of person that made you feel like family from the moment he shakes your hand. Meeting him the first time was the highlight of my day at the first  Grind City Meet, crazy enough he looked at me and pointed "AleksWorks, right? love your work", I was in shocked that he actually knew who I was.

One of the things that always stood out to me about him was the fact that he was real, he was a guy that spoke his mind and told you the truth without hesitation. His legacy goes further than just a meet up or the great photos he took (@webraw), his legacy is one of community, one of family, a legacy that involved people conecting and living life in a way that means something to them and leave a mark worth talking a great story.


To see some of the photos go to instagram and follow the tag #GrindCityMeet3
We had amazing sponsors Live a Great Story, BraveStraps, Faded Days Sunglasses, Food Drank Culture, PowerSocialX, I Love Memphis, El Mero Taco Truck (Eric's fave truck) and a ton of amazing local photographer, videographers and all around amazing creatives in Memphis.

Until next year Grind City Meet

For now be great to each other


Ariel Antonio