Memphis Gothic

One thing about being a photographer is that I love doing random projects. Simple things like only black and white photos or one photo a week for a year. But this time I realized that I have been doing something with some of my couples and they saw it as a sign of what gives me that "thing" I do.

I wear red converse every time I shoot, I tell a lot of dumb jokes to make you smile and I take an American Gothic inspired photo and named it Memphis Gothic. So I decided to show you some of those photos. This is something I have been doing for my wedding couples.

I am always open for more of these photos, so if you want to have a #memphisgothic photo just message me and we can make it happen.Here are some of these photos.

photo by Michael Butler from  One901

photo by Michael Butler from One901

The Meskenas-380.jpg

For now be great to each other.