So NYC happened

As a person with a camera I have an extensive travel bucket list. Some of the places on my list include random cities in USA, half of Europe, anywhere I can or can't take my camera but a place that has been on my list all the way to the top was New York City. You are probably wondering, NYC - Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, 911 Memorial - I guess you don't know me at all.

My November started with a trip to NYC and with only 60hrs to see the city we hit the ground running. Met up with some friends and had no agenda, we had no plans, I wanted to see the New York they see, the New York they call home.

I carried my camera bag everywhere and got to see the city for what it is, an amazing city full of people, things and lots of food. I got to photograph real life and people working. I was in a photographic heaven for only 2 days. 




For now be great to each other


Ariel Antonio