The Un-Wedding

Meeting with this couple went like any other meeting, or at least started like it. We met and after talking to them I found out very quickly that this was not just a traditional wedding. I was informed that the wedding would take place at Elmwood Cemetery and they had a special request... They wanted zombies and blood during the photos.

After the meeting was over I called my partner in crime, Kim from Kimbawayne Photography, and asked her to join me on this project. I then reached out to the #1 haunted house in Memphis, Hauntedweb of Horrors, and was able to get a couple of the actors to play zombies for me. Now I needed some makeup and for so I contacted local film maker Duane Craig to be a part of this. After talking to all parties involved  I was able to get some type of game plan for the day. I first arrived at the cemetery early and scouted the area for photos and felt pretty good about the plan we had, now to put it into action. 

The first half of the wedding was very traditional, small gathering of friends and family, a little prayer before the vows, the exchange of rings and the kiss. We did the formal photos with the family, best man and maid of honor, then we started to get ready for the rest of the festivities. 

memphis wedding photographer-4.jpg

After all the formals were done the zombies appeared in the ceremony area and we started the madness. "Let's redo the kiss with the zombies" was the first thing that came out of my mouth. The kiss was done, the zombie + family photos happened next then we moved to the spots around the cemetery that we had scouted earlier.

After "protecting" his new bride from zombies, it was time for the killing to start. An ax came out to kill the first zombie, blood splatter all over the groom during this. The beautiful white dress quickly changed from white to bloody white, as they killed the zombies there was blood splattered all over the place until finally they had the zombies loaded on the truck ready to haul them off to dump the bodies.

memphis wedding photographer-16.jpg

For now be great to each other


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