Born in Panamá a long time ago, I moved to Memphis and decided I wanted to be a famous chef one day but that didn't happened. At some point I decided that capturing the world I see with my camera was a better idea.

Taking photos for me has a deeper meaning than just capturing a precious moment at a wedding or capturing a really cool photo of your product. To me taking photos is part of a story, a story that's worth sharing with the world.

I started as a urban explorer, taking pictures of some old historic buildings and I believe that is what sets me apart from others. I have a different way of looking at things. From the angles to the settings in which your photo is being taken. I will strive to bring an innovative look to your photos. 

I believe in order to keep my mind going and finding new ways or techniques, I need personal projects in between my shoots and sessions. Many of my personal projects have to do with me exploring the city and shooting unusual subjects. Feel free to follow me on social media to see my adventures. 

photo by:  Michael Butler

photo by: Michael Butler